Season 0, Chapter 1: Prologue
Title: Prologue
Season: Season 0
Chapter: Chapter 1
Date Acted: September 14, 2017

This is the first chapter of Season 0, and the first chapter of the Alter RP.

Table of Contents


The chapter opens with the city of Victoria experiencing a rare night of clear skies, with the full moon shining down. A notably unremarkable teenager named Bradley Hawkins is taking a midnight walk on the streets of Victoria. As he's on his midnight walk, he's jumped by a mugger and his lowlife accomplice, who demand Bradley's money or they'll kill him. Bradley acts slow to pull his wallet in an attempt to break away, but becomes cornered in an alleyway. The mugger threatens to kill him even if he chooses to hand over his money as he and his accomplice approach, but Bradley's eyes change colors to yellow.

Bradley begins to violently spasm and convulse as his muscles bulge and skin begins to layer over with green scales. He quickly rips through the torso of the mugger with a clawed hand, leaving him barely alive. As Bradley continues his transformation, his jacket is torn in two, a pair of wings sprouting from his back. Bradley grabs the mugger by the skull, shattering his head against the concrete before pouncing on the lowlife and crushing him with his rapidly increasing weight.

Bradley completes his transformation into a green dragon, flying over the city and across the full moon and roaring, a sound that echoes across the city. The following day, the news is chaotic, filled with reports of the dragon. Along these reports are the reports of two brutal murders of lowlifes. Bradley wakes up in his room naked, with the window open and no recollection of what happened. After watching the morning news, Bradley ends up late for school due to him getting sick after putting the pieces together and realizing he killed two people.

Bradley is noticeably exhausted at school and not looking well, waiting in a quiet area of the campus during lunch time for his friend, Johnny Murphy, to show up. Johnny jokes at Bradley's condition before Bradley leads him behind the school library to explain what happened. Along the way, Bradley says hello to Eddie, who barely even acknowledges their presence, giving only a small wave. Bradley explains that his sickness and exhaustion is result of him transforming into the dragon. Bradley tries to make it clear to Johnny that he's disgusted with the thought of having killed people, and Johnny tries to give him positive support and reinforcement. After talking it over, Bradley concedes that Johnny is right in thinking it wasn't his fault, and the two agree to meet for pizza later. Bradley then wonders if anyone else gained abilities before the lunch bell rings, and the two split up to go to their classes.

After class, Bradley swings by Johnny's family restaurant to relax and unwind. He sits down at a table, indecisive about what to order, before letting Johnny decide. It's revealed that Johnny works in his family business to stand in for his sick mother and keep the restaurant afloat. Johnny notably takes orders from the popular girls' clique, who rarely visit the pizzeria. Among them are Cassandra Reyland and Dianna Kessler. The former is positive and friendly, while the latter is absorbed with the news reports running on the TV in the business. Johnny gets little time to converse with Cassie, who is a more regular customer, before she's sucked back into conversation with her friends. Johnny then brings Bradley a slice of meat supreme pizza on the house, which Bradley makes a joke about before thanking him and starting to eat. Following visiting Murphy's Pizzeria, Bradley heads home on his own, refusing to experiment with his powers for fear of causing more damage. The day concludes normally as Bradley stares up at the ceiling before falling asleep, wondering what he did to deserve such an ability.


  • Bradley Hawkins
  • Johnny Murphy
  • Edward Eckart
  • Dianna Kessler
  • Cassandra Reyland
  • Unnamed Lowlife
  • Unnamed Mugger
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