Season 0, Chapter 2: Foundations of a League
Title: Foundations of a League
Season: Season 0
Chapter: Chapter 2
Date Acted: September 15, 2017
Table of Contents


The chapter opens with Bradley and Johnny hanging out by the library the next day, with Eddie noticeably missing. As they're hanging out, a girl rushes up to them, out of breath. This girl turns out to be Chloe Miller, better known as Snails, who is an acquaintance of the duo. Chloe breathlessly mentions she saw Bradley's jacket on the news, letting him know they're still looking for whatever killed the two lowlifes. Bradley tries to dodge the topic as much as possible, with Chloe initially thinking it was a lion or werewolf. Bradley eventually gives up, telling Chloe she needs to keep a secret before changing his eyes.

Chloe is then filled in on Bradley's theory of events while Johnny keeps an eye out for anyone listening. Chloe is very curious and intrigued, continuing to try and get information out of Bradley. As Bradley brings up how he feels terrible for killing, the two try to make him feel better by assuring him it wasn't his fault. Johnny makes a joke about were-snails, and Chloe accidentally lets it slip that she's been secreting slime. The two get curious, and Chloe acts nervous, asking them to not tell Wil. Bradley scoffs at the implication that he would talk to Wil voluntarily, and Chloe explains that he used to be nice and share books with her, but can get away with acting up because his parents are never around. The three then agree to meet somewhere private after school so Bradley and Chloe can show each other their powers.

The three meet up after school, Bradley leading them down a series of alleyways into the upper class district. They eventually make it to a zen garden, which Bradley claims is a park that nobody goes to. However, Chloe notices that it's actually the courtyard to an abandoned mansion. Regardless, the three slip through some bent fencing and set up to practice. Bradley reveals his ability by changing just his arms, eyes and teeth. He shows off his enhanced strength by lifting a large rock in the garden with minimal effort, before dropping out of his form. Chloe responds by corroding the lock to the abandoned mansion, and the three head inside.

Chloe points out that her magic access isn't strong enough to turn on the lights in the building, so Bradley flips the pulse switch. The inside is much fancier than the outside lets on, and the mansion is full of boxes, indicating whoever lived there left them, or never moved in. In their investigation, Johnny trips over one of the boxes, accidentally stomping one of his feet and opening a tiny magma fissure in the floor. Chloe tries to put it out, but her slime ignites. The fire stops when Johnny gets up and the fissure closes up, leaving a tiny crack as if it were never there.

Following this incident, Johnny is now aware that he too, has powers. The three decide that if they all have abilities, they should use them for good. Bradley comes up with the hero alias Ryusei, Chloe decides to go by Snails, and Johnny calls himself The Mantle. The three call themselves the League of Heroes, vowing to use their powers to fight anyone who would threaten Victoria or its people. Chloe thinks using the mansion as a base is a great idea, deciding to stick around and use her slime to clean the place up. Bradley and Johnny part with Chloe, heading home while she stays behind. When Bradley gets home, he daydreams at his desk for a while about being a hero before going to sleep.


  • Bradley Hawkins
  • Johnny Murphy
  • Chloe Miller
  • William Taylor (Mentioned)
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