Season 0, Chapter 3: Rise of the Phantom
Title: Rise of the Phantom
Season: Season 0
Chapter: Chapter 3
Date Acted: September 17, 2017

Chapter 3: Rise of the Phantom is specified to take place on the same day as Chapter 2: Foundations of a League.

Table of Contents


The chapter opens following Edward Eckart, the previously mentioned Eddie through his usual school day. Eddie doesn't talk much, keeping to himself even more so than Bradley. He has no real friends or fame at school, but he's happy with that. He prefers being alone, after all. Eddie goes to his classes as usual, feeling depressed that the girl he likes is into someone else. Eddie gets frustrated, wishing he could disappear.

Entering English class, Eddie is called for attendance, but people act like he isn't there. At first, he's confused, but then starts speculating when he realizes nobody is acknowledging his presence. Initially, he assumes he's invisible, but quickly dispels that idea when he tries to talk to someone and he's met with confused looks. Eddie leaves the class, rushing to the bathroom for a mirror, only to find that he doesn't even recognize his own face. In the mirror, his face is covered in a strange haze, and he can barely remember his facial features. Upon this epiphany, Eddie realizes he can toggle this ability off and on.

As the day drags on, Eddie is experimenting with just how much he can do while in his disguise form. He first starts by stealing Chloe's history homework and copying it, then slipping it back into her books before she notices it's gone. Eddie then successfully sneaks into the storage room for Victoria High's fencing team, stealing things out of his own locker. As he's testing, he realizes he could use this ability to become a phantom thief, just like one of his favorite manga characters. Eddie makes for the drama club's room, stealing a top hat, cloak, and a white masque. He then leaves campus, sticking to the shadows as he steals a deck of cards from a local store. Eddie takes the cards home, painting the Ace of Spades over to be his calling card- and becoming the Black Phantom.

Unbeknownst to the three of them, Eddie trails Johnny, Bradley and Chloe, learning that he's not the only one who's gained powers and that Bradley is the green dragon. Eddie then continues experimenting with his capabilities, trying to combine his magical skill with his ability in some way. In doing this, Eddie realizes he now has access to a fabled thieves' trick called the Thief's Eye, an alternate vision space granting rogues incredible abilities. Upon discovering this, Eddie starts pushing the limits of his abilities, being able to fade into shadows effortlessly and even perform impossible movement feats.

That night, the Black Phantom descends upon Victoria, leaping between buildings and remaining completely unseen. In his crime spree, Eddie overestimates his abilities while stealing from a jewelry store, being caught in a police spotlight and having his photo taken. However, his ability protects his identity, and the Black Phantom escapes into the night. Down an alley, he locates the room of his crush, landing on her windowsill silently. The Black Phantom surprises her, taking an expensive pendant of hers while nabbing a kiss from her with newfound, magic-augmented charm. He leaves her his calling card, vanishing with the blink of an eye.


  • Edward Eckart
  • Bradley Hawkins
  • Johnny Murphy
  • Chloe Miller
  • Eddie's Crush- Unnamed
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