Season 0, Chapter 4: Ada and the Godhand
Title: Ada and the Godhand
Season: Season 0
Chapter: Chapter 4
Date Acted: September 21, 2017
Table of Contents


The day kicks off with a pair of news reports- One story of a masked rogue going on a crime spree throughout Victoria, and a pair of missing persons incidents. Some news publications try to link the two stories together, but there's not enough evidence to corroborate the theory. Wanted posters go up for a top-hatted man with a shrouded face and a glowing purple eye, the Black Phantom.

Following a normal day at school, Johnny and Bradley meet up with Chloe at the mansion, who wanted to tell them about something. When they arrive, Chloe is hiding under a table, which is cause for confusion for the other two. She exclaims that two suspicious people, a man and a girl, were looking around the mansion and somehow got inside. According to her account, the two kept talking about where a "Mr. Varccarelli" could be hiding. Chloe then explains that Mr. Varccarelli is a businessman who rarely leaves the office district of Victoria, and that the mansion must belong to him. Bradley and Johnny are reasonably concerned, but Chloe insists that the two were scary- the man had a "creeper look" about him, and the girl had an empty look in her eyes.

Bradley tries to shift the subject, but Chloe then says that the three should practice their abilities sometime to be more prepared for scary types like the two. Chloe proposes the three look for more allies, and Bradley mulls over the idea before coming to the conclusion that they should get costumes from a professional costume designer. Coincidentally, Johnny remembers reading something in the classifieds of the morning paper about a "high-class expert tailor" that recently opened a shop in Victoria. After checking out front of the mansion to confirm they do indeed have a newspaper, the three set off to locate the business, Kotzher Tailoring.

The address for Kotzher Tailoring leads the party into an abandoned-looking alleyway. When they arrive, an oddly-dressed fellow is loitering outside, mumbling to himself about "the boss being mad" and "Zilla being late." When he spots the party, he starts telling them to buzz off because the businesses are closed, but the three don't back down easily, retorting that he's still here. The man insults Johnny's mustache and challenges them to fight, believing the party to be weak and pathetic. Bradley closes his eyes to think, before opening them, revealing they've turned yellow.

Before any of them have a chance to act, the man has vanished and appears behind Bradley, roundhouse-kicking him in the back and launching him across the street through a shop window. Bradley appears knocked out, and Johnny retaliates with a small magma plume that singes the guy's pant legs. He complains about it being a cheap shot as Bradley appears to have leaped out of the shop window with his legs transformed, rearing for a dashing attack. The thug counters quickly with a spinning back kick, but ends up getting struck in the groin by Bradley's punch. However, Bradley was also hit by the thug's attack, being launched back-first into a wall and knocked into a daze.

Chloe runs off somewhere, the thug engaging in a more typical fistfight with Johnny. Chloe yells from somewhere to Johnny to keep the thug busy, as he slips momentarily on slime. The two exchange hits before Chloe comes flying in fast on her own slime, landing a direct hit to the thug's gut and knocking him away. This causes him to flee the scene, exclaiming that he doesn't want to deal with this. Bradley is coming to, and the two make sure he's okay. As they're checking him out, the door to Kotzher Tailoring opens, revealing a well-dressed woman wearing thick glasses.

The woman asks several questions in quick succession, loud music notably playing out of her business. The group is flustered by her rapid-fire barrage of questions before she tells them to go away. Johnny asks if she's a tailor, which she seems insulted at the notion of being anything less than a "professional fashion designer." When Johnny asks if she makes uniforms, she becomes very curious and rushes the three inside her business, her mood changing to a positive one. She introduces herself as Ada Kotzher, the owner and sole employee of Kotzher Tailoring. Her business is messy, full of sketches, half-finished outfits pinned to walls, bulletin boards covered in notes and more sketches, dingy furniture, a half-broken office chair, and loud, unusual synth music coming from her radio. She quite eagerly launches into an interview of the three, asking them what they call themselves and how their abilities work. After providing her with relevant information, she takes their measurements and rushes them out the door, telling them their costumes will be ready within 24 hours. Following this, the three split up after agreeing to meet there the next day.


  • Bradley Hawkins
  • Johnny Murphy
  • Chloe Miller
  • Ada Kotzher
  • Unknown Thug, User of Godhand
  • Creepy Guy (Mentioned Only)
  • Strange Girl (Mentioned Only)
  • Zilla (Mentioned Only)
  • The Boss (Mentioned Only)
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