Season 0, Chapter 5: Rising Shadow
Title: Rising Shadow
Season: Season 0
Chapter: Chapter 5
Date Acted: September 26, 2017
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At lunch, during school hours, the usual announcements are interrupted by a news report. Apparently, someone saved over three dozen people from a burning building, put out the fire, and prevented the building from collapsing onto another. The news report is mostly presented in the form of a live interview, and is being broadcasted on crystal-screen televisions across the school. The hero in question is a clean-shaven muscle man with short hair, wearing a skin-tight blue and red costume. He identifies himself as Super-Man in the interview, and gives a speech directed at other people with similar abilities, urging them to protect the innocent from those who would abuse their abilities. His speech, however, is cut short as he drops to his knees, a large section of his torso suddenly missing. The reporter screams in horror and all the screens switch off.

The lunch crowd is noticeably shocked and terrified at this, the announcements quickly switching to an apology. Johnny is disturbed and worried, Bradley remains quiet, and Chloe is notably upset. The announcements switch back on, notifying that class will be dismissed for the remainder of the day. The three meet up, Johnny and Chloe exchanging their fears and suspicions, while Bradley leaves alone, saying he needs time to think.

Later in the day, the three meet up at the Varccarelli mansion to discuss the occurrence, stating they shouldn't intentionally make televised appearances. Bradley spaces out for a moment and Johnny reminds them they need to pick up the costumes from Ada's. The three head over, discussing how they plan to keep publicity down, and that they're not doing this for fame or fortune. Bradley reminds them that he doesn't want to do this, but feels like he has to. Chloe has been largely silent, explaining she was shaken by the news broadcast. The three wind through alleyways and arrive at Kotzher Tailoring.

Upon arrival, Ada rushes them in, explaining that she was ashamed she allowed Super-Man to make a public appearance in such an "embarrassing" costume. She then reveals their costumes- Bradley's is a dark green, Johnny's is an orange-brown with baggy legs and heavy boots, and Chloe's is blue with a tighter material. Ada tells them that each costume is custom-designed with "signature materials" to suit their needs. Bradley's is flexible and designed to stretch, Johnny's allows him to stomp harder and is built to withstand heat, and Chloe's is porous and non-corrosive to her slime, Ada boasting that it would be immune to being submerged in hydrochloric acid. After giving the three their costumes, she lets them try them on, revealing they all fit perfectly. Following this, she rushes the three out the door, throwing their street clothes out before slamming the door shut.

After the three re-dress over their costumes, they hear an EMT siren and head off to investigate. When they arrive on the scene at a middle-class suburban end of town, they see two people being carried off in stretchers and a third kneeling on the ground, pushing emergency personnel away. A closer examination reveals this person is Cassie Reyland, and the other two are her parents. After emergency personnel head off, Johnny approaches her, but she warns him to stay back, a wild, fearful look in her eyes. Johnny helps her calm down, and she explains that one of her potted plants died when she touched it. The next thing she knew, both of her parents had collapsed, and the EMTs pronounced both of them to be in comas due to poisoning. Johnny questions if it might be a power, and Cassie tests this by touching a plant in their front garden, which doesn't die.

Cassie begins to believe he may be right, and Johnny continues to help her calm down while explaining that they weren't stalking her, but got concerned when they heard sirens. She points out that she can see Bradley and Chloe hiding in the alleyway, and Johnny heads back over to explain to them. Cassie comes over to the alley, curious if they're spying on her. Bradley remains quiet while Johnny reveals his ability. After explaining that they intend to only use their abilities to help others, the three convince Cassie she might be able to better control her ability. She states that she doesn't want to hurt good people with her ability, and that she wants to join the League of Heroes by the name Venom, with an intent to "clear poison's name." As the four head back to the mansion to bring Cassie up to speed on what's happened so far, they pass by Ada's and place an order for a costume. Cassie specifically requests it be a green, purple and bluegreen camo pattern. Following a short meeting to get her up to speed, the four head back to their homes for the day.


  • Bradley Hawkins
  • Johnny Murphy
  • Chloe Miller
  • Cassandra Reyland
  • Ada Kotzher
  • Ken Clarke
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