Season 0, Chapter 6: Let's Play a Game
Title: Let's Play a Game
Season: Season 0
Chapter: Chapter 6
Date Acted: October 3, 2017
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After an unremarkable day of school, Cassie decided to walk home with Bradley, Chloe and Johnny instead of her usual friend circle, stating she felt more comfortable around them and didn't want to talk about her parents with her friends. Cassie also wanted help finding Ada's shop because she forgot how to get there. The group of four head to a popular after-school spot known as Eckart Bros. Cafe, famous for their signature drink- coffee.

Upon arriving at the open-air business and ordering, the three wait around for their drinks, critiquing each other's poor posture in the chairs. Bradley explains why the people know him, stating that he comes to relax and nobody bothers each other too much there. The group spends time waiting, discussing school habits and generally bonding as friends while they enjoy their drinks. Towards the end of their discussion, Bradley brings up that the group has no way of getting around quickly. Each party member proposes separate ideas, but nobody can come to a consensus on what to do. Cassie suggests the subway network, but she's quickly shot down for it costing too much.

It's at this time an older boy intrudes on their conversation, stating that he coincidentally has four boarding passes, but refuses to part with them unless the party bets on them. Before Bradley can object, Cassie agrees to the bet, but quickly questions what exactly is being wagered and what kind of game they'll be wagering on. The boy motions to the clock tower, saying he'll bet on what time appears next. If he wins, he gets their time, but if she wins, the passes are theirs. Cassie agrees, stating that it'll be 4PM next, while the boy bets 3PM, despite the current time being 3:59. The clock chimes… but the display hands don't move, and Cassie suddenly freezes her motion- not breathing, not moving, nothing. The party reacts in shock as the boy puts on a sadistic grin, asking who will bet him next.

Bradley's eyes flare yellow as the boy mocks him, but Chloe buts in before he does something stupid. Johnny is skeptical and uncomfortable, stating he may be a cheater, but the boy calmly denies any accusations of cheating, saying it's beneath him. The boy introduces himself as "Wheeler," and states he's in league with the man known as Godhand, revealing the identity of the thug the party encountered two days prior. Before Wheeler can ask Chloe what she'll wager, she responds with her time, stating she won't fall for the same trick Cassie did. Wheeler says they'll be betting on four students ordering and drinking the same drink at the exact same time. Chloe believes this to be ridiculous, betting against this, but to her dismay, all four do exactly that. Wheeler states that those four specifically tend to do things in sync with each other as a result of working closely as a team. Wheeler turns to Bradley and Johnny as Chloe freezes up, grinning and asking what they'll bet that's worth Cassie, Chloe and the passes.

Johnny bets on his power and time, but demands he pick the game, to which Wheeler agrees. Johnny bets to a game of poker, pulling a card deck out of his jacket. The two begin playing, Bradley watching closely for any foul play on Wheeler's part… But instead, he notices Johnny slip a card out from his sleeve. Upon this, Johnny loses his strength to even sit up straight, Wheeler smugly declaring victory. He states his ability doesn't allow either party to cheat as Johnny slumps over in his seat, on the verge of passing out. Bradley reacts in frustration, but slides in and bets on something that can't possibly be rigged, drawing a Victorian silver dollar out of his pocket.

Bradley waits for a barista to come around, asking her to flip the coin. Wheeler objects, glaring at the barista until Bradley takes the coin back and flips it, calling heads. The coin spins through the air and lands on tails, Bradley slipping out of his seat with weakness. Wheeler declares victory, standing up to leave, but not before ordering a drink with the silver dollar. However, the barista is nowhere to be found. As he stands up to leave, a white-gloved hand hits the table, stating he will play Wheeler a game for his power and identity. This gloved hand belongs to none other than the Black Phantom, who emerged from seemingly nowhere. He demands a game of cards, drawing two custom-designed calling cards, stating that whoever wins will be whoever throws their card deepest into a wooden support beam near their table. The Phantom takes his throw, throwing it with a swift motion, embedding it deeply in the beam. Wheeler boasts that such a game is easy to him, but as he tries practicing card throws, he grows nervous, breaking a sweat.

The Black Phantom mocks Wheeler for his bribe, causing him to lose composure and botch his throw, the card bouncing off the wooden beam. The moment this happens, Cassie and Chloe start moving again, while Bradley and Johnny regain their strength. Just in that moment, the Phantom vanishes in a puff of smoke, leaving many of the coffee shop's customers astonished. The card remains jammed in the beam. As Johnny gets reared up to beat up Wheeler, he asks where he is, his sadistic nature seemingly completely gone. At that moment, nobody remembers who the Wheeler is, and can only vaguely remember what happened that lead up to this moment. Nobody seems to be able to remember the Phantom, either. Wheeler sits down, confused about his sudden amnesia, before standing up and walking away. Chloe says she thinks he was trying to give them train passes, and sure enough, four commuter-grade train passes are on the table. Although nobody remembers the event, the group takes the passes and leaves, quite satisfied with the outcome. Cassie checks the clock and tells everyone she has to go check on her parents at the hospital, grabbing her things and leaving while the three order drinks.

After visiting her parents and learning they'll likely remain in their comas for several months due to an "unfamiliar and rare toxic substance" in their bloodstream, Cassie heads straight to Ada's to pick up her costume. On her way back to her house from Ada's, she hears a piercingly loud scream echo through the alleys. A heroic instinct kicks in as she sprints towards this scream, rounding a corner and skidding to a halt once she arrives at the source. Cassie calls out and realizes the source was a frightened and rattled-looking Dianna, surrounded by two unconscious thugs and a field of broken glass.

Cassie runs over to comfort Dianna, who explains that the two threatened to both steal her money and possibly sexually assault her. She then screamed, and the two were unconscious on the ground, blood running from their ears. Cassie takes off her jacket and gives it to Dianna, escorting her home but revealing her costume in the process, which makes Dianna curious. Cassie explains that Dianna likely has a special power, assuming it's sound-based from how loud the scream was. Dianna asks how she would know this, and Cassie reveals what she did to her parents, Dianna reacting even more worriedly. Cassie continues to comfort her, explaining she couldn't control her first interaction with the ability, much like she herself didn't know she poisoned her parents. Cassie then tells Dianna that Bradley, Johnny and Chloe all have their own powers, and that she should join with them to hopefully learn how to control her ability and use it for good. Dianna agrees, but is still shaken from her encounter. Cassie continues to walk her home, saying that if she wants to be a part of the League of Heroes, she'll have to get a costume tomorrow. Upon arriving, Cassie gives her best friend a hug before walking herself home.


  • Bradley Hawkins
  • Johnny Murphy
  • Chloe Miller
  • Cassandra Reyland
  • Dianna Kessler
  • Edward Eckart
  • "Wheeler"
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