Season 0, Chapter 7: The Banshee
Title: The Banshee
Season: Season 0
Chapter: Chapter 7
Date Acted: October 12, 2017

Chapter 7 is the last chapter of Season 0.

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Bradley and Johnny are waiting at the mansion after having agreed to meet there. Cassie called both of them earlier in the morning and explained the situation with Dianna, as well as placing an appointment with Ada for her. The two are discussing what they could do to pass the time when Dianna shows up, Bradley turtling up inside his jacket and refusing to make eye contact or talk at length to her. Dianna seems confused, but Johnny understands, making conversation. Dianna quietly announces herself as the Banshee, showing off her brand-new costume.

The chapter skips back in time, following Dianna. Cassie called her letting her know she placed an appointment for her at Ada's, giving her the address. Dianna was able to find Kotzher Tailoring without much struggle or difficulty, following a path through some less-trafficked alleyways. When Dianna arrives, Ada makes a passing comment about Dianna's body shape being "unfit" for heroics before taking her measurements and weaving a costume in a matter of minutes. According to her, Dianna's costume is designed with a custom physique-suppressing material with a specialized reflective layer to help her blend into shadows. Dianna questions whether or not Ada has some ability to see someone's hidden potential, but Ada refuses to answer, rushing her out of the store.

Dianna, Bradley and Johnny discuss how they plan to have regular meetings, but will have to schedule a separate meeting for the purposes of discussing that. Before a consensus can be reached, Dianna remembers she had some homework to do and hurries home. Bradley shrugs at Johnny and the two split off to do their own things. Unknown to all of them, a figure was watching them from the rooftops.


  • Bradley Hawkins
  • Johnny Murphy
  • Dianna Kessler
  • Ada Kotzher
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