Season 1, Chapter 1: Sparring
Title: Sparring
Season: Season 1
Chapter: Chapter 1
Date Acted: January 25, 2018
February 1, 2018

This is the first chapter of Season 1, and marks the beginning of the story proper.

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On a cloudy Sunday in Victoria, Bradley decides to take a walk over to the Varccarelli Mansion to see if anyone's there. He's in the mood to practice his fighting. Coincidentally enough, Chloe was tailing Bradley, meeting with him and saying the two should practice. Chloe reveals she has training with fighting, and the two agree to spar in the courtyard.

Chloe teaches him proper fighting stance, and the two begin to practice with Chloe acting as a mentor. As the fight plays out, Bradley starts to get the hang of it, eventually trying to perform a bait and switch, but failing. In the middle of one of his attacks, he stops the fight, asking Chloe to hold still while he stares into her eyes. Chloe does so uncomfortably, and Bradley explains that he sees the same green glow he saw in his own pupils. Chloe dismisses this as his imagination, and Bradley states they should practice some other time, deep in thought over the implications of the glow.

Before parting ways, Bradley asks Chloe if she could flag down someone at school to check their eyes, but Chloe is uncertain what he's seeing is actually there or just his imagination. After that, Bradley waves goodbye and leaves the mansion courtyard, following alleyways and streets back to his house. Upon arriving, he realizes he's forgotten to do his homework this weekend and doesn't leave the house for the rest of the day.


  • Bradley Hawkins
  • Chloe Miller
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