Season 1, Chapter 8: Training
Title: Training
Season: Season 1
Chapter: Chapter 8
Date Acted: March 27, 2018
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The League of Heroes follows up on their agreement to meet outside the city to practice and test their abilities. Their chosen location is a field close to the Victorian Run racetrack, not far from a subway station. Bradley arrives early carrying a bag full of heavy books. As the party slowly starts to arrive, Bradley explains the books contain martial arts info that he thought would be valuable for today's practicing. Bradley also reveals he got the books from the university library, where his mother works. Cassie mentions they should work on getting Dianna a train pass, but nobody has much advice on that matter, Dianna stating she'll work on getting that herself.

Their training session begins early, before noon, and starts with Cassie testing her powers. In this testing, Cassie learns that her poison is not only dependent on what she's thinking about, but also that it's transmitted via her skin oil. In testing this, Bradley is inflicted with Cassie's weakest ability, the nausea poison. The group also learned that the poison can be diluted in liquids, and to some extent might work well with Chloe's slime. The group talks about how they could combo their skills together, Bradley making mental notes of everyone's abilities before asking Dianna to test her screaming. In doing so, Dianna learns that her ability is directional and not ear-piercingly dangerous if the target is behind her.

Once everyone is comfortable and knows their limits, Bradley asks the party to keep him from hurting anyone as he tries to increase his control over his dragon rage, raising his degree of transformation to include a tail. In doing so, he loses his control, his communication reduced to growls and snarling, but he's able to keep himself from attacking the party. He's quickly restrained using Johnny's strength and Chloe's sticky slime, then shouted at directly by Dianna, which breaks his focus and brings him out of his rage. Bradley gets up, noting that he feels achy and his ears are ringing, but is otherwise fine. The group then gets on to practice real fighting, now that everyone is aware of their limits and functions of their alters.

For several hours, the group practices fighting forms from Chloe's knowledge of her fighting style and Johnny's boxing experience, combined with the books on martial arts provided by Bradley. In practicing, the group develops combination attacks, ways to counter each other, and everyone starts to work out their own fighting styles. Bradley's style is centered around fakeouts, feints and deception followed up by punishing heavy hits. Johnny starts finding ways to advance his boxing ability by chaining ground stomps and possible launchers into his set. Chloe learns a few new attacks, but mostly practices in how to use her slime in conjunction with her fighting style. Cassie develops a style of mixed moves with a hit-and-run approach to maximize the usage of her poison, and Dianna has a general unspecific form with chain-opening stun attacks.

After everyone is completely exhausted from practicing and feels comfortable with their abilities and forms of fighting, the group heads to Johnny's family restaurant for lunch. Following this, they all say their goodbyes and head their separate ways to finish homework due the next day. Unknown to them, they were being watched by a mysterious onlooker hiding in the shadows for most of the day.


  • Bradley Hawkins
  • Johnny Murphy
  • Chloe Miller
  • Cassandra Reyland
  • Dianna Kessler
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