Name: Aleksandr Pavlov
Alias: DJ Alex
Player: NPC
Birthday: May 18, 2E 104
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Height: 190.5cm (6 ft 3 in)
Weight: 79kg (175 lb)
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: AB+
Spectre: Aphex Twin
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Victoria
Occupation: Student
Favorite Class: Advanced Magic
Hated Class: History
Weapons: None
Affiliation: Villains
Team: Varccarelli Mafia
Debut: Season 1


Alex is a tall, well-built young man who is often described as having a "jock body." Alex has blue eyes and long, wild, messy blonde hair. His modified white school uniform includes the letters "VHS" patched onto his sleeves with the cuffs rolled up and buttoned. His collar is completely redone, stretched out to the sides and pinned in place with new buttons. The neck portion is always flipped up for some absurd fashion-related reason. The Victoria High patch has been completely removed, and a large array of magic-powered light diodes has been sewn into the back. Alex's uniform pants have had three white lines stitched into the sides, running from the waist down to the ankles. Alex's belt is made up of several metal plates attached to the leather, with four having hand-shaped engravings pointing up or down, and the three centermost plates reading "VHS" in block letters. To top off his outfit, Alex wears a light-studded white glove on his right hand, and a fingerless black and red glove on his left. He is rarely seen without a pair of light-studded glasses and an odd, one-of-a-kind cap with "ALEX" in light studs on the brim. All of his light studs can be controlled directly through repeated pulse magic, but exclusively by Alex.


  • Varccarelli Mafia: Alex operates as a spy for the Varccarelli Mafia embedded in Victoria High, using his ability to eavesdrop on conversations.
  • Delinquents: Alex is close friends with Chad, and by proxy, Sam and Wil.


Alex's personality, much like his unusual mode of dress, is very obnoxious and loud. He often hangs out with jocks, sharing similar interests. Alex is often also described as a party animal due to his obsession with music and ability to seemingly bring drinks out of nowhere, despite not being able to acquire them legally. Alex is known to get aggressive and violent, improvising weaponry on the spot often involving the copious amounts of nearby alcohol and creative applications of his Spectre.


Spectre: Aphex Twin

  • Speaker: Aphex Twin or Alex can turn any object into a speaker using their left hands. Alex can create as many speakers as he wants, but all speakers need to be directly touched by his left hand. By touching a person, Alex can turn them into a speaker, and can force them to say certain things without them becoming aware they're being controlled. Alex's speakers can be turned off or on whenever he wants, and will remain active until he no longer needs them to be.
  • Microphone: Aphex Twin or Alex can turn any object into a microphone using their right hands. Microphones will transmit audio to any of Alex's created speakers. If the speaker is a person, the audio transmitted via microphone will be a perfect mimic of the person's voice, rather than the sound transmitted. However, only one object Alex touches can become a microphone at a time, greatly limiting his ability to eavesdrop. Alex is unable to shut off microphones, but can withdraw their ability on command. Like speakers, Alex needs to touch an object to turn it into a microphone.


  • DJ: Alex is talented and passionate about his abilities in music production.
  • Natural Partier: Alex knows how to start parties and keep them going, and often has a large amount of liquor available illegally.


Alex does not have any special equipment.

Weaknesses and Limitations

  • Striking Distance: Aphex Twin's abilities require physical contact to initiate, and Aphex Twin lacks in terms of striking power and durability.

Character History

Alex was born to middle-class Victorian office workers of Vae Vulcan descent. In his upbringing, Alex became fascinated with music mixing and the technical work that goes into the production and recording of music. He pursued a normal education through Victoria's public school system. During his freshman year at Victoria High, Alex modified his school uniform in an act of rebellion against the conservative rules of the current principal. Alex also began hosting his own parties in place of cancelled school dances, becoming somewhat of a "legendary party figure" among the student body. Over the years, his parties have been held in progressively more expensive venues and with increasing amounts of alcohol and illicit substances available, indicating possible strong connections outside of his family.

Other Notes

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