Lord Bahamut
Name: Unknown
Alias: Lord Bahamut
Player: PrankStar
Birthday: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Height: 183 cm (6 ft 0 in)
Weight: 73 kg (161 lb)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Blood Type: B-
Alter: Bahamut Form
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Victoria City (Alt)
Occupation: Demon Lord
Weapons: Bahamut Katana
Affiliation: Villains
Team: Bahamut Brood
Debut: Season 3


Lord Bahamut remains partially hidden within his demon lord coat to where only his eyes and hair are visible, his facial features obscured. He speaks with a deep and intimidating voice, and is rarely seen without his coat.

  • Bahamut Brood: Lord Bahamut is the leader of his clan of demons, which have taken over the other world's Victoria entirely.
  • Stuart Buchanan: Lord Bahamut is willing to ally himself with Stuart over the prospect of conquering other dimensions, finding his ability particularly interesting.


Lord Bahamut outside of combat presents himself as cold, calculating and utterly heartless, keeping several slaves and torture dolls to perform tasks for him. He has a great affection for his wife, and is very protective of his domain. When in battle, Lord Bahamut takes on a sadistic and cruel demeanor, often taking great joy in causing others pain and suffering. Lord Bahamut's presence is feared by his subjects as evidenced by his tyrannical rule over Victoria and the surrounding regions. Lord Bahamut's fighting style is centered around crippling and making his enemies suffer, often executing stylish and brutal finishing moves to display his sheer power.


Alter: Bahamut Form

  • Dragon Transformation: Lord Bahamut can transform into a great black dragon at will, taking on the form with a flash of red energy in contrast to Bradley's gradual metamorphosis.
  • Form Transfer Control: Lord Bahamut can control the degree of his transformation, taking on different aspects without switching into a full form. This allows him to use enhanced strength in his human form, and execute one of his favorite attacks, a vicious slash from dragon claws.
  • Shadow Fire Breath: Lord Bahamut's fire breath is augmented with immense magical power, burning away at a target's mana reserves and soul to cause immense pain.
  • Deathflare Mana Burst: Lord Bahamut can fire an energy blast from his mouth or his fingers consisting of pure dark-aspected mana. The blast is highly destructive and Brad often uses it to completely incinerate enemies.


  • Analytical: Lord Bahamut appears to be as analytical as Bradley, if not more so, remembering individuals at a glance and being able to quickly identify and take advantage of weaknesses.
  • Dragon Strength: Lord Bahamut can take advantage of his transformation's strength, greatly augmenting the power of his punches.
  • Demon Conversion: Lord Bahamut is capable of basic mind control through intensely staring at a target. With prolonged exposure, the target will transform into a full demon of the Bahamut Brood.


  • Bahamut Katana: Lord Bahamut is armed with a custom-forged blacksteel katana that can be used to cast magic thanks to a focusing crystal embedded in the grip.

Weaknesses and Limitations

  • Dragon Conductivity: Lord Bahamut's dragon transformation is highly susceptible to lightning attacks.
  • Demon Weakness: Lord Bahamut is particularly susceptible to light, holy and sun magic, and is especially weak to the techniques of Spirit Walking and Starpower.

Character History

Following Stuart's grand display at the First Heroes' Alliance Tournament, Lord Bahamut was summoned into the world to destroy the League of Heroes and exact revenge on behalf of the Heroes' Guild. The identity of Lord Bahamut is unknown, but he is believed to originate from a timeline where the League of Heroes failed to stop the demonic invasion.

Other Notes

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