Name: Bradley Hawkins
Alias: Ryusei
Player: PrankStar
Birthday: June 17, 2E 106
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 175 cm (5 ft 9 in)
Weight: 55 kg (112 lb)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Hazel
Blood Type: B-
Alter: Dragonform
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Victoria City
Occupation: Student
Favorite Class: Math
Hated Class: PE
Weapons: None
Affiliation: Heroes
Team: League of Heroes
Debut: Season 0, Chapter 1


Bradley is a male of average height for his age. He doesn't put much effort into his appearance, often wearing his hair messy and slightly too long. He has hazel eyes and a rather weak, thin build which he compensates for by wearing a large jacket almost everywhere. Bradley often hides his face or looks away when talking to others, being bad at making eye contact and not wanting to draw attention to himself. In place of his school uniform's jacket, he wears a hoodie with the Victoria High patch sewn on.


  • League of Heroes: Bradley is one of the founding members of the League of Heroes and the group's unofficial leader.


Bradley is quiet, calm, and reserved. He's often lost in his own thoughts and spends time thinking things through. Bradley's behavior leads him to not being able to easily socialize with other people, and he's somewhat of an outcast loner who avoids drawing attention to himself. Ironically, Bradley is very perceptive despite his low-profile behavior. Bradley's social awkwardness comes lack of confidence spurred on by a fear of failure and grief. His quiet and analytical demeanor greatly influences his fighting style, and he will often attempt to bait or trick his opponents.


Alter: Dragonform

  • Dragon Transformation: Bradley's alter allows him to take the form of a dragon, with varying degrees of transformation. Lower power transformations are easier to control, but grant him less overall abilities. His highest form allows him to take the full form of a dragon.
  • Dragon Rage: Higher power forms have an effect on the mind that make Bradley more aggressive and violent. Simply activating Dragonform causes Bradley to partially overcome his low confidence, but also makes him more angry. When succumbing to Dragon Rage, Bradley will often lose the ability to speak and understand words and attack the nearest thing he sees.


  • Analytical: Bradley is very perceptive and can notice small details and remember people's faces from a glance. To an extent, Bradley can also "single out" potential Alter users by staring into their eyes.
  • Fast Thinking: Bradley often thinks ahead in his actions, formulating plans and taking advantage of his surroundings very quickly. This ability led him to being declared the leader of his team.
  • Dragon Sight: One of Bradley's dragon abilities. Greatly enhances Bradley's ability to identify potential Alter users, allowing him to see the glimmer with just a passing glance.
  • Dragon Strength: Bradley's most basic dragon transformation ability, granting him enhanced strength. This does not increase his body mass, as that is a side effect of transformation.
  • 25% Dragon Form: Bradley's low-power form, identified by scaly growths, horns, yellow eyes, sharpened teeth, enhanced physique, a tail, dragonlike limbs, huge claws, and wings. Still visibly human.
  • 50% Dragon Form: Bradley's mid-power form, identified by full body coverage of green scales and a dragon-shaped head, but otherwise identical to 25% Form. More horns and spines mean Bradley cannot easily wear clothing in this form. Notably much stronger than the 25% Form.
  • 100% Dragon Form: Bradley's high-power form, identified by him taking on the full-size appearance of a green dragon, changing his stature to that of a great beast rather than a human. Stronger and larger than 50% Form, but has no access to dragon magic. Currently, Bradley cannot control this form or even attempt to enter it.


  • Unique Costume: Bradley's costume is designed to not rip, no matter how much force is applied to it.

Weaknesses and Limitations

  • Lack of Control: Bradley is still growing accustomed to his power, and lacks control over his transformation. Due to this, he is limited to restrictive, low-power forms until he has enough time to get used to and control his dragon rage.
  • Muscle Atrophy: Bradley suffers from aches and pains upon leaving his dragon form due to a rapid change in musculature. Certain areas of his skin are also affected from scale growth.
  • Low Confidence: Bradley's greatest weakness is his lack of confidence caused by fear of failure. Bradley will do his best to avoid drawing unnecessary attention, even during hero work. He always runs from police, fearing they will consider him a threat. In critical situations, Bradley is sometimes hesitant, which can lead to him taking hits or missing crucial saves. Bradley also tends to avoid conversation with people he doesn't know well, which has created something of a communication barrier within his team. Bradley also lacks confidence in his leadership skills, often relying on his teammates for support in decision-making.
  • Fear of Failure: Bradley's weaknesses stem from a great fear of failure and an inability to process grief. He lacks confidence due to being afraid he will fail at doing more risky things, and rarely steps out of his comfort zone.
  • Dragon Conductivity: Bradley's transformation degrees make him increasingly weaker to lightning attacks, with his 100% Dragon Form being the most susceptible.

Character History

Bradley has lived a rather dull life, having been born in Victoria City to his librarian mother. Bradley spent much of his childhood reading by himself, often about stories of great adventurers of the past. He excels in academics, but his loner behavior has left him socially awkward. Since high school, he's been good friends with Johnny. Bradley discovered his alter when he was attacked on the street by a pair of muggers, which led him to undergo a dramatic transformation. City police are still looking into reports of a green dragon. In the wake of the Syoki refugee crisis, Bradley has taken an interest in Syoki culture.

Other Notes

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