Horses of the Seventh Victorian Run


Rider: Bradley Hawkins
Description An aggressive and wild 4-year-old Clydesdale, Jugan has injured most of his past riders, but remains calm when around Bradley. He has a black coat with white markings by his hooves.


Rider: Johnny Murphy
Description A 3-year-old Appaloosa. Firenze has high stamina and moves well on adverse terrain. She has a white coat with many light brown spots in a leopard pattern.


Rider: Wil Taylor
Description A 4-year-old Thoroughbred. Agro is loyal and keeps close to her rider. Agro a dark black coat, and has a diamond-shaped patch of white fur on her head between her eyes.

White Glint

Rider: Evelyn Veidt
Description A 12-year-old Quarter Horse. White Glint prefers to walk then move in bursts of high speed rather than run at a constant pace. He is a sickly looking horse, with a pale white coat, and milky gray eyes.


Rider: Quinton Mitchell
Description 4-year-old Quarter Horse. Enka likes to both sprint and jump, making him difficult to ride. He has a blond coat and silky mane.

Old King

Rider: Alessi
Description Old King is a 5-year-old Mustang. He's large for his breed and is very cautious. Other than his size, Old King doesn't have any distinguishing physical characteristics, with a dull brown coat.

Les Annees Folles

Rider: Dianna Kessler
Description A 4-year-old Paint Horse. A privateer managed to steal her during an expedition near Aldora, selling her to a wealthy collector. She has large blotches of brown and white on her coat.

Tough Luck

Rider: Cassandra Reyland
Description Tough Luck is a 3-year-old Eitenni. Tough Luck is a decent race horse with a average record, his name is a reference to him being lost in a card game. Tough Luck's coat is dark brown with a black mane.

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