The Vakoran Emperor
Name: Irnus Invictus Vakorus II
Alias: The Emperor
Player: PrankStar
Birthday: December 25th, 2E 99
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Height: 221cm (7 ft 3 in)
Weight: 116.5kg (257 lb)
Hair Color: Gold
Eye Color: Blue
Blood Type: O-
Alter: Divine Judgment
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Prima Vakora
Occupation: Emperor
Affiliation: Vakoran Order
Team: High Imperial Consulate
Debut: Season 4


Irnus II is a typical long-haired blonde Vakoran with advanced height. Irnus II is rarely seen in public, and even more rarely seen outside of his ceremonial battle armor, but the image of his face is considered the apex of male beauty within Vakoran society.


  • High Imperial Consulate: Irnus II is the founder of the High Imperial Consulate, a group of Vakoran elites in charge of the whole empire.


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Alter: Divine Judgement

  • Lost Divinity: Irnus does not know what his alter does, as it requires a massive soul to activate.


  • Peerless Ambition: Irnus II is very ambitious, setting out to complete any and all tasks he begins, especially his near-dogmatic following of "The Plan."
  • Blademaster: Irnus II is an exceptional swordsman trained from a very young age, like all upper-class Vakoran males.


  • Right of Rule: Irnus II's custom-forged gunsword. Possesses no special attributes and fires standard mana bolts.

Weaknesses and Limitations

  • Foreigner Fever: Irnus II is very attracted to women outside his Empire's jurisdiction.

Character History

Irnus II was born to a foreign mother and his father, Irnus I. At just 14 years of age, Irnus II grew disillusioned with the church's role in the Vakoran government, believing it responsible for their series of military defeats. Irnus II murdered his father and claimed the right of Emperor, beginning a dramatic restructuring of the Vakoran Order into the Vakoran Imperial Order.

Other Notes

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