Name: Monterrey Zayarota
Alias: Monterey
Player: NPC
Birthday: January 1, 2E 87
Age: 36
Gender: Male
Height: 190 cm (6 ft 3 in)
Weight: 73 kg (161 lb)
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: White
Blood Type: A
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Star City
Occupation: Horse Racer
Weapons: None
Affiliation: Rogue
Team: Solo Racer
Debut: Season 2


Monterey is an enigmatic man covered in scars and rarely seen without his trademark sunglasses. He keeps his hair messy and is extremely well-built and muscular. He wears an open duster with no shirt and bandages wrapped around his neck. Across his waist is a very large golden belt similar to a wrestling title belt. The duster's sleeves have been torn off, revealing Monterey's detailed arm tattoos, golden cuffs and bandaged hands. Monterey also wears blue jeans and dark brown cowboy boots.


Monterey is not affiliated with any specific group.


Monterey is a noble fighter who believes in fair fights, even though he greatly outmatches almost everyone he fights against. Monterey takes special care in using his volatile abilities to avoid hurting anyone other than his opponent, and refrains from killing whenever possible. Outside of combat, Monterey is surprisingly calm, level-headed and friendly, but fiercely competitive. He is interested in cultures other than his own and does not shy from telling about his people. Monterey also expresses an interest in doing things for enjoyment rather than for a specific purpose.


Starpower: White Aura

  • Rayo Blanco: A raw blast of White Aura Starpower. Scales in destructive magnitude depending on how much Monterey holds back.
  • Creciente Blanco: A crescent-shaped wave of White Aura Starpower created with a swing of one's hand. Scales in cutting strength depending on how much Monterey holds back.
  • Aguila Blanco: Monterey's method of Starpower flight. Also serves as a high-speed diving attack.
  • Avispon Blanco: With the flick of a finger, a flurry of energy bolts appear and strike the target. Scales in impact strength depending on how much Monterey holds back.


  • Enhanced Strength: Starpower grants Monterey greatly enhanced strength.
  • Extreme Durability: Starpower-unlocking genetics grant their user extreme physical endurance, able to shrug off blows and naturally resist cuts and fractures.
  • White Aura: The White Aura of Starpower. Known as the most powerful Aura, only unlocked through extreme training or being gifted through one's bloodline. The White Aura represents raw, perfectly-balanced power and supremacy over other Starpower users.
  • MMA: Monterey is an expert in mixed martial arts as a result of intense training and meditation from his homeland.


Monterey has no special equipment.

Weaknesses and Limitations

  • Kind Hearted: Monterey will take extra precaution to prevent unnecessary harm, this can be used against him.
  • Restraint: Monterey prefers fair fights and will intentionally hold back when fighting his opponents, despite being stronger than anyone he's ever met.

Character History

Monterey does not speak much of his history, but states he reached his current strength through intense training in solitude during his journey around the world. According to Monterey, he is traveling the world for his own personal enjoyment and in hopes of finding a woman he likes, learning about other cultures along the way. His reason for participating in the Victorian Run is purely for his own enjoyment, planning to sell his horse once the race is completed.

Other Notes

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