Name: Wil Taylor
Alias: Beast
Player: Eisen
Birthday: Sept 11, 2E 106
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 178 cm (5 ft 10 in)
Weight: 65 kg (143 lb)
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Red
Blood Type: A
Alter: Gaulian Beast
Status: Alive
Birthplace: Nibelheim
Occupation: Student
Favorite Class: English
Hated Class: Remedial Magic
Affiliation: Neutral
Team: None
Debut: Season 0, Chapter 2 (Mentioned)
Season 1 (Debut)


Wil has short dark black hair and contrasting ruby eyes. He likes to wear lighter colored clothing preferring light grays and whites. He's well built and easily considered one of the jocks in his school. He has no indication that he's ever grown facial hair, and looks young for his age.


Wil pretends to be a lot meaner than he actually is. He was bullied as a child and once he stood up for himself, he realized nobody would bully him if he had power. As such Wil puts on quite the tough guy act and has a bit of a hot head, easily going off on people for even the slightest annoyance. Despite acting out rashly, he's quite well read and able to plan with incredible skill. He likes to read in his spare time.


Alter: Gaulian Beast

  • The Man On Fire: Retaining his normal size, Wil morphs his body into molten stone. In this form he can't be harmed by physical damage but cold, ice, and water all seem to slow him down fine.
  • Grendel: Similar to the first version of his power, Wil can't easily be harmed. He expands to a more monstrous appearance and larger size; notably he can also generate weapons made out of molten rock. Wil struggles to maintain control over his actions while using this form however.


  • Historical Martial Arts: Wil is skilled with most of, if not all of, most Medieval weaponry; he's won tournaments though rarely lets others know about it.


  • Switchblade

Weaknesses and Limitations

  • Easily Agitated

Character History

Wil is the son of two archaeologists, and grew up in Nibelheim with his friend Chloe; with Wil being frequently over at her house while his parents were out on digs. The two were initially inseparable but but after a fire put both Wil and Chloe out of home they drifted apart. Lately he's been maintaining his tough-guy persona by roughing up anyone who makes a move on Chloe.

Other Notes

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