Name: Victoria City
Type: City
Location: Victoria Bay, State of Victoria
Allegiance: Alsadoran Order
Debut: Season 0, Chapter 1


Victoria is a large city on the North Coast, and the capital of the Victorian state. The architecture of Victoria consists heavily of tall, Victorian-Gothic structures, some of which even possess elevated sidewalks reserved for upper class businessmen and the wealthy. Around the outskirts of Victoria, the city relaxes into a simpler, less tall construction of basic buildings for middle class residents. The city is divided by the Victorian River into two different regions. The west side of the river holds downtown and Syokitown, while the east side holds much of Victoria's shipping business, schools, and housing. Train lines connect both ends of the city, making travel easy on the legs. A train can also be taken to Nibelheim or Exile's Landing.

Victoria is located in Victoria Bay, on the North Coast. The city enjoys the perks of being protected from large storms by the mountainous island of Nibelheim to the northwest. Victoria's surrounding areas largely consist of farmland and coastal plains. The weather in Victoria is relatively calm, although it is known to rain quite heavily during the spring seasons. A morning in Victoria is typically very foggy from clouds rolling in off the coast and accumulating over the mountains. The city's climate is very mild, with the average daily temperature being 17°C during the day and 8°C at night.

Victoria is home to the most advanced technology in the Alsadoran Order, and many aspiring mages and engineers seek their fortunes working in technical fields. Outside of that, fishing is a large industry in Victoria, and Victoria's harbors frequently trade with Exile's Landing and, up until recently, Syokin.

Victoria has a somewhat antiquated custom of not being in other people's business and not even paying other people much mind. This custom was much more prevalent in the city's early years as a university town, but after the explosion of industries, the newer generation largely disregards this behavioral trend. Victorian culture is something else entirely, stemming from conservative New Order beliefs mixed with the moderate, traditionalist values of the Syoki population and the hard-line progressive outlook of the city's mage population. The city as a whole is generally welcoming to new ideas and technologies, enjoying the luxury of various magic-powered domestic appliances and leisure items that have yet to catch on in other parts of the country.

Although never publicly stated, Victoria is the home of many lesser elements of society, ranging between petty thieves and muggers to organized crime syndicates. Victoria's alleyways may lead to unsavory dens of illegal activities in some cases, but they may also lead to hidden or forgotten businesses offering unique services to specific people. The younger generation likes to use these alleyways as a quick way to get around. In some cases, sticking to the alleyways is faster than riding the train or walking down the main streets, a fact often exploited by the young and bold.

The city's mascot animal is the owl, whose significance originates from the Arcane University's mascot.


Victoria was initially established in 2E 47 as a small fishing village in Victoria Bay. The unique geography of the surrounding region made Victoria Bay the only place to reliably catch certain species of fish. Victoria's first view in the public eye was in 2E 52, when the First Victorian Run was held to commemorate a cross-country horse journey of an Order messenger. The Victorian Run continues to be held once every ten years.

In 2E 70, mage scholars arrived in Victoria and established a mages' guild on top of an ancient artifact beneath the town. From there, the guild grew in notoriety as Victoria became a place recognized for advances in magic, quickly blossoming into an arcane university. The city sprung out around the university to support living conditions for students, thanks largely in part to the newly pioneered craft of magical architecture. In 2E 92, overseas contact was established with the nation of Syokin, and trade relations grew strong, greatly boosting Victoria's economy.

In 2E 121, the Triumvirate began their siege of Syokin, leading to a massive influx of Syoki refugees alongside traveling businessmen. A portion of Victoria was dedicated to providing for the refugees, becoming known as "Little Syokin" or "Syokitown" by the locals. Triumvirate spies attempting to sneak in on refugee ships were blocked by Alsadora's array of sanctity bubbles, effectively burning or blocking any demons from the outside. In 2E 122, a pulse of faintly detectable magical energy blanketed Victoria, triggering something in the artifact beneath the university. This "trigger" caused some people in the city to gain strange powers.


  • Arcane University: The Arcane University is the oldest building in Victoria, and a major part of the city's history. Much of the surrounding city is build with the university in mind, consisting of dormitories, eateries and public parks. Just west, across the river, lies City Hall and the Capitol Building.
  • Victoria State Library: The Victoria State Library lies on the Arcane University's campus. The library holds the second largest collection of English books in the country, bested only by the Royal Library in Exile's Landing. However, the State Library has more rare books than the Royal Library, carrying a wide variety of mages' tomes and even rare, unique artifacts. The State Library also has a large section dedicated to Syoki translations and books about Syoki culture.
  • Victorian Clock Tower: Victoria's clock tower is almost as old as the university, and towers high above any other building in the city. Its chime can be heard for miles. The Clock Tower exists as part of the city's State Capitol Building, located next to City Hall and the University campus across the river.
  • Victoria High School: The largest general education school in Victoria, and home of the city's famous Victoria High Aerial team. Situated just outside Victoria's downtown, and a few blocks away from the university campus.
  • Eckart Bros. Cafe: An odd establishment serving a unique drink made from rare seeds. Eckart Brothers Cafe is a popular spot to grab a quick bite to eat, or to sit down, relax and watch the city go by. The Cafe is located close to Victoria High, and students often swing by after class to hang out.
  • Murphy's Pizzeria: A unique business located close to the schools, and a far more popular eatery than Eckart Brothers at certain times of day. The Pizzeria is one-of-a-kind, serving a patented family recipe for pizza, a dish introduced to Victoria by those of Vennish heritage. The business is a popular spot for students heading home from late night classes, hosting parties for Victoria High's sports teams, and often visited by university students requesting take-out orders back to their dormitories.
  • Varccarelli Mansion: An abandoned building with a Syoki zen garden in its rear courtyard. The mansion is supposedly owned by Antonio Varccarelli, a high-class businessman, although he never visits it. Currently, the mansion serves as home base for the League of Heroes. Located south of the school, on the outer edge of the upper class housing.
  • Kotzher Tailoring: A very small hole-in-the-wall business located in the alleyways around the upper class part of town. Can be easily reached by following the alleys southwest of Varccarelli Mansion. Kotzher Tailoring offers expensively priced, custom-fit clothing designs of the highest quality. The owner, Ada, rarely sees human customers, as much of her work comes from phone orders. However, Ada has begun offering a limit of one free costume for Alter users.
  • Vakoran Embassy: A building taken up by traveling ambassadors of the Vakoran Empire. The Embassy seeks to better their relations with the Alsadoran Order by sharing their technological achievements and speaking highly of life in the Empire.
  • Victorian Run Starting Line: The starting line of the famous Victorian Run. A flat dirt track tracing through the south end of the larger city and following south into the residential district. In the past ten years, the Starting Line has been built up to include the use of various filming equipment to better broadcast the race.

Notable Inhabitants

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