The most populous of the races in the world, humans inhabit almost every landmass on Earth.


A blanket term referring to all monster-humanoids, including demons and angels. Mamono vary wildly in body type and appearance, but almost always share a trait of being greatly influenced by corrupted mana or "inner darkness."


A blanket term covering succubi, incubi, true demons, kunoichi, lilim, nymphs, or any other humanlike mamono that do not have animal characteristics. The most common variety of mamono that inhabit demon realms and make up the bulk of demon armies.


A blanket term covering true angels, valkyries, seraphim, archangels, and cherubs. Considered distinct and different from mamono, but are technically a variety of mamono on their own. Inhabit Heaven and live a life of duty and devotion to serving the Goddess of Light.


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High Elves

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Dark Elves

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A relatively unknown race believed to be native to the same continent as Starpower users. Supposedly possessing of terrible strength and having access to natural shapeshifting. Nothing about their culture is known.

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