Name: Timeless Photo
Type: Image, Photograph
Wielder: Jim Hawkins
Debut: Season 3


A non-magical 3.5 x 4.25 inch card of photograph paper, the image itself only takes up 3.1 × 3.0 inches of space with the rest of the card blank. The image (when viewed from a safe source, such as a picture of the picture) appears to be of a woman standing next to a futuristic automobile, wearing unfamiliar clothing, in an unknown city.


The origin of this image is unknown, with only wild speculation by those who've viewed it as to it's origin. The first mention of the image was in the journal of Peter Abernathy, a prominent Alsadoran psychologist in the first era, who noted "A patient had an unhealthy obsession with this photograph, when I examined the image myself, it didn't look like anything to me." The image has been passed down from person to person primarily by theft, having made it's way to the city of Victoria sometime around 2E 90.


  • Ambiguity: Every individual who has directly observed the photo has reported the same thing, that the image doesn't look like anything they've ever seen before. People appear unable to describe what it is they see on the image.
  • Perception Distortion: Observers of the image have reported "no longer being able to distinguish when things are", often referencing past events as if they were the present. This effect appears to go away with time away from the image.
  • Sanity Loss: Exposed individuals begin to lose their sanity as they contemplate the image, this has affected each individual in a different way. The only cure for this is prolonged separation from the image.
  • Object Fixation: Once a person becomes more exposed to the image, they find themselves being drawn to viewing it more and more. Prolonged separation can break this fixation, but the patient will relapse if given the opportunity.
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